General Information

Inside The Maine dining hall
The Maine at Blueberry Cove

Blueberry Cove is a beautiful place to host a family reunion, organizational conference, or get married! Rental of the whole facility includes access to a fully functional kitchen and dining hall, rustic cabins accommodating 60-70 people, and the grounds. Fires are allowed only in designated fireplaces, stoves or fire pits.

  • The Maine has a fully functional kitchen and a dining area that accommodates 80 people. There are also picnic tables on the porch and around the grounds.
  • Groups are welcome to use our no-frills camp dishes but many opt to bring in nice matching place settings.
  • There are several single stall bathrooms on site but groups over 75 people are required to bring in portable toilets. 
  • Swimming is not permitted unless the group has proof of a supervisor holding lifeguard certification from a nationally recognized organization.  Groups must adhere to waterfront policies.  Swimming is potentially dangerous and groups are responsible for following appropriate safety practices and supervision.   
  • We do not permit dogs as we host staff, guests and campers who may have allergies, and we also wish to protect the area’s wildlife from interference.         

Cabins and Overnight Stays

The Puffin - a sleeping cabin at Blueberry Cove
The Puffin cabin

Our cabins are rustic and most do not have heat, electricity or running water. Participants need to bring their own bedding – blankets, linens, pillows and towels are not provided. Beds are primarily bunks with vinyl mattress covers. Most participants bring a sleeping bag and pillow. It is a real, classic Maine camp experience! Around 70 people can be accommodated overnight. See below for available cabins and their occupancies.

Traditional Overnight Cabins

  • Puffin, Osprey, Petrel – 6 bunk beds (12 people)
  • Guzlin – 4 bunk beds (8 people)

Smaller Cabins

  • Seagull – 1 bed (1 person)
  • Turnabout – 1 full bed (1-2 people)
  • Binnacle – 1 bed, 1 bunk bed (3 people)
  • Porthole – 1 bed, 1 bunk bed (3 people)
  • Spinnaker – 2 bunk beds (4 people)
  • Plumb Jamb – 1 bed, 1 bunk bed, 1 loft bed (4 people)

Rental groups are welcome to bring their own tents and set up on our tenting platforms near the ocean or on the lawn.


The Guzlin Cabin
  • There is one handicapped shower inside the Hunky Dory, with a ramp leading up to it.
  • The Maine and the Leslie Hyde Science Center are both accessible by ramp. 
  • The terrain to access most of the cabins is uneven, with some roots and rocks along the way.
Map of Blueberry Cove - just missing the Leslie Hyde Center for Environmental Education, which is located next to the Hunky Dory.

The Maine

The Maine - view from the kitchen


Leslie Hyde Center for Environmental Education

Bathroom stall in the Leslie Hyde Center

Plumb Jamb


Hunky Dory Bathrooms

Bathroom stall attached to the Hunky Dory

Shower stall attached to the Hunky Dory






For more information or to reserve a date, please contact the office at 207.789.5868 or email

See detailed driving directions.