4-H News in Washington County – November 2023

Table of Contents

Dates to Remember
Forest Health 4-H SPIN Club in Harrington
Seasonal Crafts Around the World 4-H SPIN Club in Calais
4-H Re-enrollment Reminder
Learning Ecosystems Northeast (LENE) Fall Phenology Photo Contest!
Oh Yea! Grows True Leaders
Cobscook Currents 4-H Club
Paper Clover Campaign
News from the State

Dates to Remember

November 2 & 9: Oh Yea! 4-H Green Crab and Other Invasive Species Club in Princeton
November 3 & 10:
Oh Yea! 4-H Green Crab and Other Invasive Species Club in Milbridge
November 8:
4-H Volunteer Connections – Building Strong 4-H Clubs
November 8 & 9: Office Closed due to Organizational Meeting
November 10: Office Closed due to Veteran’s Day Holiday 
November 18-December
 16: 4-H SPIN Club: Seasonal Crafts Around the World in Calais
November 20-December 11:
4-H SPIN Club: Forest Health in Harrington
November 23 & 24: Office Closed due to Thanksgiving Holiday
November 28: Phenology Photo Contest
November 30: Re-enrollment Deadline
January 10: 4-H Volunteer Connections – Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Programs
February 13: 4-H Volunteer Connections – Be a Positive Communicator
March 12: 4-H Volunteer Connections – Finding Space for Mental Wellness in Every Program
April 9: 4-H Volunteer Connections – Animal Science: Strong Relationships and Sportsmanship


Forest Health 4-H SPIN Club in Harrington

sun through the forestDesigned for youth ages 8-11, the in-person club aims to explore the beauty and abundance of Maine’s local forests while learning about the importance and resilience of forests as ecosystems. Through hands-on activities, participants will create a “tree tale” bracelet based on growth ring data, “read” tree cookies and develop skills in tree identification.

The club will meet from 3-4:30 p.m. on Mondays, Nov. 20 and 27 and Dec. 4 and 11, at the Gallison Memorial Library, 11 Center St. 

The forest health 4-H special interest, or SPIN, club is part of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s commitment to providing engaging and educational opportunities for youth. Through the SPIN club series, participants ages 9-18, along with a volunteer, explore a subject of interest over several sessions. Topics range from the natural world, heritage arts, science and technology, to photography, music, gardening, sports and more.

Spaces are limited to ten participants, early registration is encouraged. Visit the program’s webpage to sign up. For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation, contact Tara Wood, tara.a.wood@maine.edu; 207.255.3345. 


Seasonal Crafts Around the World 4-H SPIN Club in Calais

paint brushes in cups of different colored paintsGeared towards youth ages 6-12, the special interest, SPIN, club will meet from 10:30 a.m-12:30 p.m on Saturdays, Nov. 18, Dec. 2 and 16 at the Calais Free Library, 9 Union St. Each session will delve into the fascinating world of seasonal crafts, showcasing techniques, materials and designs used in various parts of the world. Participants will have the chance to create unique and personalized crafts associated with different seasons, such as autumn wreaths and winter ornaments. 

“We are thrilled to offer this special interest 4-H SPIN club to the youth in Calais,” says Gabby Brodek, UMaine 4-H Youth Development Professional. “Crafting not only provides an outlet for fun and creativity, but it also offers a unique opportunity for young individuals to gain insights into diverse cultures and traditions. Our hope is that this club will inspire their artistic talents and foster a deep appreciation for the beauty of diversity.”

The club sessions will be led by experienced instructors who will guide participants through each project, providing step-by-step instructions and sharing interesting facts about the cultural significance of the crafts. The free club will also provide a platform for young artists to connect with their peers, share ideas and develop friendships. 

4-H is committed to provide engaging and educational opportunities for youth, fostering personal growth and development. The seasonal crafts around the world workshop is part of Extension’s SPIN clubs, where participants ages 9-18 along with a volunteer for at least six sessions learn about a subject of interest. Topics range from the natural world, heritage arts, science and technology to photography, music, gardening, sports and more.

Spaces are limited to ten participants, early registration is encouraged. To sign up visit the program webpage. For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation, contact Tara Wood, tara.a.wood@maine.edu; 207.255.3345. 


4-H Re-enrollment Reminder

Please remember to complete 4-H re-enrollment by Thursday, November 30th. Here are the instructions using ZSuite:

  • Login at zsuite.org
  • Click on the PRIMARY profile and enter your 4-character PIN. 
  • Click on the name of the youth member you wish to enroll. 
  • Review/update the requested member information. When you are done with that, click NEXT
  • Here you will read and electronically sign the 4-H participation waiver(s), click NEXT
  • Here is where you will select your club or clubs and desired projects. There may be clubs and projects listed that carried over from your enrollment during the last program year.
  • To add clubs, select your county. This defaults to the county submitted when you created your account. You may need to select another county to find your desired club.
  • Select your Club from the drop-down menu. Select ADD CLUB.
  • To add projects for any of the clubs, select ADD PROJECT for the desired clubs. Select the desired project from the drop-down menu. Select ADD PROJECT and selection will be added to the club. Feel free to add additional clubs or projects. If you make a mistake or wish to remove a project, select the X and confirm you wish to delete the project.
  • When done making your selections, click Submit.
  • Enrollment records need to be active/green status before engaging in 4-H activities and to register for events


Learning Ecosystems Northeast (LENE) Fall Phenology Photo Contest!

“We are looking for original images that capture essential fall features in your environment. The main image must be a photo you have taken in panorama or 360 mode, that displays fall phenology: cyclic changes tied to a certain natural  phenomenon.  There will be separate educator and youth submission divisions. Prizes range from $20 (3rd place) to $100 (1st place).  Deadline for submission is November 28th, 2023. Click here for more details.” Media must be submitted by November 28th, 7pm ET.

Oh Yea! 4-H Grows True Leaders
The Cooperative Extension’s grant program, Oh Yea! 4-H Grows True Leaders, has gotten underway with a special interest club called “Harmful and Shifting Species,” which comes from a STEM kit provided by the 4-H Science and Education department.   The workshop’s intention is to raise awareness among young Mainers that the state’s most lucrative commodity, seafood, is literally under attack from the green crab and other invasive species.  With the help of Princeton Elementary School and Mano En Mano, a non-profit community partner that provides opportunities for immigrants and migrants in the Downeast area, youngsters have been learning hands-on about the green crab and how this species negatively affects the Maine coastline.  The first lesson challenged students to categorize living organisms into food webs after a warm-up of crawling like a crab.  The next session asked the participants to simulate how ships have inadvertently transported invasive sea species to our area through a process called “biofouling,” which occurs when ships fill their stowaway tanks with sea water to act as ballasts only to empty the water into the new region of their destination.  As an adventurous supplement, the Oh Yea! 4-h members met Coleen O-Connell at the Center for Ecological Teaching and Learning to hunt the green crab and examine the invasive species’ characteristics, up close and personal.  Last week’s workshop prompted the members to compare the movements of invasive crabs against those of our native Jonah crabs by counting their steps on a treadmill under various water conditions and to time how fast they could right themselves when flipped over on their backs.  Two more sessions remain over the next two weeks, but Oh Yea! 4-H will offer similar experiential workshops throughout the year.  
Cobscook Currents 4-H Club
The Cobscook Currents 4-H Club had a busy month in October!  Here are some of their activities:
  • a community service project for a local resident doing yard clean up and harvesting carrots.
  • hosted a table at the Perry Harvest Festival where club members promoted 4-H.
  • participated in apple gleaning, collecting apples that would have gone to waste.
  •  apple cider pressing activity!


Paper Clover Campaign

On October 15th, Tractor Supply Company and Cooperative Extension 4-H, wrapped up the Fall 2023 Paper Clover Campaign! Thank you to everyone who contributed. Tractor Supply Funds are used to provide local, regional and national opportunities for 4-H youth, such as scholarships to Greenland Point 4-H Camp and Learning Center in Princeton. 


News from the State

4-H Volunteer Workshops for the 2023-2024 4-H Year
We invite you to participate in our 4-H Volunteer Connections virtual workshops! Join other 4-H volunteers from the North East region to learn, share and engage with one another on a variety of topics related to 4-H. All workshops are free and offered via Zoom in the evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Topics include:
November 8 – Building Strong 4-H Clubs
January 10 – Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Programs
February 13 – Be a Positive Communicator
March 12 – Finding Space for Mental Wellness in Every Program
April 9 – Animal Science: Strong Relationships and Sportsmanship

Click here to register now! Come to one or come to all! We look forward to connecting with YOU!  


4-H Tick Project
The 4-H Tick Project is a community science project engaging K-12 youth and educators, made possible through a partnership between 4-H Youth Development, UMaine Cooperative Extension Tick Lab, Maine Forest Tick Survey, and members of the Learning Ecosystems Northeast The project provides youth an opportunity to explore ticks and tick-borne diseases, which is a connected story of climate, ecosystem change, and public health.

All educators interested in teaching about ticks in Maine are encouraged to participate in the project at no cost to you. This is a great project for 4-H clubs, SPIN clubs, homeschool groups, and more. For more information and to register, visit the 4-H Tick Project webpage.