Washington County 4-H Photo Contest

2024 Washington County 4-H Photo Contest

Pull out those cameras and start snapping away! Now’s the time to show off your photography talents. This contest is open to all Washington County, Maine 4-H Members.

Photos MUST be from the current 4-H year.

There will be five (5) photo categories: (You may enter one photo in each category and/or only one (1) storyboard. Possible total of (6) entries per person)

  • Nature/Landscape
  • People
  • Animals
  • 4-H Activity
  • Architecture

Age Divisions: (by December 31, 2023):

9-13 years old; 14-19 years old; and Cloverbuds (5-8 years old) are encouraged to participate. They will receive comments from the judges but will not be judged.

AwardsBlue Ribbon, each category/each age division (with the exception of Cloverbuds)

  • Top Blue: $10
  • Second Blue: $5

All other Blue Ribbon Scorers will receive a blue ribbon.

Red Ribbon, each category/each age division. All red ribbon scorers will receive red ribbons.

Judge’s Choice Award- Special Rosettes

All other entries will receive a participation ribbon.

All Cloverbuds will receive a participation ribbon.

Deadline to submit photos to the Extension Office: Friday, July 26, 2024


  • To encourage 4-H members to use photography as a meaningful communication tool
  • To develop life skills in communication and expressive arts
  • To provide photography showcase opportunity for 4-H members

Definitions and Rules

Single Photo: Nature/Landscape, People, Animals, Architecture/Object of Interest, Club Activity/4-H County Activity (anything related to 4-H)  (5 categories)

Action Storyboard: Same as above, but tell a story with your photos.  You must use at least 4, but not more than 6 photos with your storyboard. Storyboard must be labeled on the back. No captions or titles on the front.

Digital or film photos will be accepted. With the increasing popularity of Digital Cameras, the 4-H Photo Contest will accept digital photos. Black/white or color photos will be accepted. Digital photos should not be post-processed (i.e. single-image composition).

All entries must be submitted from an active Washington County, Maine 4-H Member. Photos must be from the current 4-H year.

Enter only (1) photo per category in the individual photo class, and/or only (1) storyboard. A possible total of (6) entries per person.

A separate 2024 Entry Label Washington County 4-H Photo Contest (PDF) must be submitted with each submission.

Mounting your photo: All photos must be mounted on an 8 x 10 or larger foam board or cardboard for stability. All photo stories should be mounted on one (1) large foam board or cardboard to neatly fit all photos which will tell a 4-H story. Photos should not be submitted framed or matted.

Judging: Judges will be selected from qualified individuals in the field of photography, graphic art or fine arts. Photography will be judged based on the Criteria/Standards information. The decision of the judges is final and not subject to change.



Definition: Adjustment of the distance setting on a lens to appropriately define the subject.

Standard: The focus is appropriate to the theme “4-H ”.


Definition: The illumination of a subject

Standard: Use of light to produce the desired mood or effect.


Definition: The photo exhibits quality consistent with the display.

Standard: The absence of blemishes, scratches, overly enlarged (graininess), and pixilation. This also includes the quality of mounting of the photo.


Definition: The photo uses the subject to deliver a message in a creative way.

Standard: The photo clearly communicates the subject and fits the theme “4-H”.


Definition: Placement of the subject in the photo demonstrating artistic ability.

Standard: A pleasing balance exists among all components of the composition.


Definition: The photo clearly captures the attention of the viewer.

Standard: The composition conveys a strong message.


Definition: Use of originality, camera angle, lighting, character studies, and/or creativity.

Standard: The photographer exhibits creativity through the photo.