Upcoming Webinar: Stress, Resilience, and Resources

Stress, Resilience, and Resources: Responding to the Impacts of Covid-19 on Farms

Please join us on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, from 1 pm – 2 pm (EST)

Farmers have had to adapt quickly to the continued changes resulting from Covid-19. How are you managing? What are you hearing from your customers about their worries and stresses? How is your community coming together to support one another during this time? Do you need resources to help or support you or your farm? Leslie Forstadt will present information about stress, building resilience, and available resources to meet farmers’ needs during this everchanging time.

Leslie Forstadt, PhD, Extension Professor, Human Development Specialist, conducts educational programs and research about farm/family balance, communication skills, and stress and resilience. She is Director of the Maine Agricultural Mediation Program and a member of the farm coaching team for the UMaine Extension Farm Coaching program. She is one of the authors of the ‘Toolkit for Agricultural Service Providers and the Guide to Farm Communication Coaching’.

This meeting is free of charge and hosted on Zoom.


To request a reasonable accommodation, contact Leilani Carlson, 207.944.1533; leilani.carlson@maine.edu.