Expedition 2: Video Blogs

Falkland Islands!

Located 300 miles off the southeastern coast of South America, the Falklands are home to some of the world’s largest penguin, seal, and sea bird colonies. The islands were also once home to an extinct species of fox called the warrah. How and when did the warrah reach the Falklands? Follow Kit Hamley, Masters student, […] Read more

Who Does Science?

Welcome to 4-H Follow a Researcher™ at the University of Maine! During the expedition, we will be posting a new video and write-up at the beginning of each week. These materials are meant to provide you with more information about our researcher and how he or she engages in practices common to all scientists and […] Read more

How Do Scientists Know What to Research?

Throughout our journey, we will be getting more familiar with the things that scientists and engineers do. Not only are these practices central to the life of a scientist but also to your own experiences in the science classroom and beyond. We’ll start by asking questions. Despite the various work settings of science, one thing […] Read more

How Do Scientists Know What to Test?

Catching up, looking ahead, and more scientific practices In last weeks’s video, Kit described the process of asking questions and gathering and evaluating information to try to answer the question: When and how did the warrah make it to the Falkland Islands? In this week’s video, Kit will be: developing and using models, constructing explanations […] Read more

How Do Scientists Know What Data to Gather?

Last week we introduced the practice of developing and using models showing different ways the warrah might have reached the Falkland Islands. We will explore how Kit will be using models to help her decide what sorts of data she should collect while she is in the field. First let’s talk about what mean by […] Read more

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

If you’ve ever been on a camping trip, you know how much planning and preparation are involved. You might have experienced a time when you brought too much, or even worse, forgot something important. These oversights can impact your goals for the trip by affecting how you will accomplish them, and whether or not they […] Read more