Mainely Dish: Banana Oatmeal Bread

One of the wonderful things about banana bread is how timeless it is; a staple quick bread that can bring together all generations. Banana bread was actually popularized in the United States in the 1930’s in response to the Great Depression. This economical recipe still lives on today, now with many banana bread recipes incorporating unique ingredients to boost both the flavor and health benefits.

The Mainely Dish Banana Oatmeal bread recipe is quick, delicious, and an easy way to add more whole grains into your diet. You should try to make at least half of the grains you eat whole grains. Examples of whole grains include oatmeal, barley, popcorn, bulgar and whole-wheat products  – such as pasta and bread. Check out the list below for a glimpse of the many benefits of adding more whole grains into your diet.

Benefits of Whole Grains

Foods containing whole grains, such as oatmeal, have many health benefits including:

  • B vitamins that make you feel energized.
  • Fiber to support heart health and normal digestion.
  • Iron to help red blood cells carry oxygen to different parts of the body, including the lungs.

Want to Make it Vegan? Try Flaxseeds

Banana oatmeal bread can be easily modified to be animal-free by using flax seeds in place of eggs – or “flax eggs.” Flaxseeds are available in most grocery stores; you can grind whole flaxseed at home or buy flaxseed meal, which resembles a powder. Processing the flaxseed makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients it contains.

For this recipe, mix two tablespoons of ground flaxseed meal with six tablespoons of water in a separate bowl to replace the two eggs mentioned in the recipe. Let sit for 15 minutes in the fridge. Over time, your flax egg will thicken and resemble the consistency of raw egg. Then, use your flax eggs instead of regular eggs.


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By Kayla Parsons, MS, LD, Ph.D. Student in Food & Nutrition Sciences