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Maine Home Garden News September 2023

In This Issue: September Is the Month to . . . Drying Flowers – A Great Way to Preserve Nature’s Beauty Maine Offers Free Collection of Unwanted Pesticides to Protect Natural Resources Spoonful: Bite-Sized Food & Nutrition Information First Occurrence of Mile-a-Minute Weed Confirmed in Maine: Urgent Action Required Backyard Bird of the Month: Hairy […]

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Red Admiral butterfy

Maine Home Garden News August 2023

In This Issue: August Is the Month to . . . The Gardens at Tidewater Farm Are Growing! Pollinator Garden at Norway Memorial Library Late Blight Gardener Alert Cucumber Downy Mildew Maine Weather and Climate Overview (August) Featured Bird of the Month: Black-and-White Warbler August Is the Month to . . . By Barbara Harrity, […]

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red, white, and blue petunias with American flag

Maine Home Garden News July 2023

In this Issue: July Is the Month to . . . A Love Letter to Mulch How to Freeze Fruits and Vegetables Safe Harvesting Techniques (video) Spotlight on Research: can hand-picking Japanese beetle really help?? Native Plants for the Maine Garden by Maureen Heffernan, with photographs by William Cullina. Down East Books, 2010 and 2023.  […]

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Maine Home Garden News June 2023

In This Issue: June Is the Month to . . . Watering: the often forgotten key to success for your vegetable garden Nourishing the Community Through Pick-Your-Own Vegetable Gardens Backyard Bird of the Month: Baltimore Oriole Maine Climate Outlook and Drought Indicators (June) Featured Extension Publications Browntail Moth Update #5: May 19, 2023 Protecting Maine’s […]

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A large display of colorful tulips at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, Boothbay, Maine

Maine Home Garden News May 2023

In This Issue: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Maine Home Garden News: Best of May – 2010 to 2022 Q&A How do I get rid of wild strawberries in my lawn? Q&A Dealing with the aftermath of white grubs Q&A How to handle new landscape Backyard Bird of the Month: Northern Parula […]

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Perennial sprouting through last season's leaves

Maine Home Garden News April 2023

In This Issue: April Is the Month to . . . Invasive Plant Removal at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm The Tree That Broke My Heart The Maine Invasives Plants Field Guide can help you identify and control invasive plants in your backyards and gardens! Knotweed Recipes Backyard Bird of the Month: Pine Warbler Tick […]

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Maine Home Garden News March 2023

In This Issue: March Is the Month to . . . Food for thought: How a Thomaston teacher and a Master Gardener Volunteer created a community garden for 8th graders Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter (2009  pp. 269) Taming the Seed Madness Backyard Bird of the Month: Carolina Wren […]

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snow-covered Adirondack chair

Maine Home Garden News February 2023

In This Issue: February Is the Month to . . . Featured Tool: Soil Blockers Backyard Bird of the Month: American Tree Sparrow Winter Farmers’ Market Gleaning Do You Know the Four Rs to “KNOCK OUT” Browntail Moth? Kale and White Bean Soup Ask the Expert February Is the Month to . . . By […]

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frosty cedar branch

Maine Home Garden News — January 2023

In This Issue: January Is the Month to . . . Combating the Ravages of Time: Renovating Hopeless Tools! Tree Strategies for Winter Survival Mainely Dish Backyard Bird of the Month: Cedar Waxwing January Is the Month to . . . By Kate Garland, Horticulture Professional, UMaine Extension Penobscot County Monitor indoor plants for pests. […]

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Ilex verticilata (Winterberry)

Maine Home Garden News November 2022

In This Issue: November Is the Month to . . . Procrastination Is a Good Thing Keeping Pets Safe Around Indoor Plants Brzozowski Retires After More Than 35 Years of Dedication Storm Cleanup Reminders White Breasted Nuthatch Game Review, Kodama: The Tree Spirits November Is the Month to . . . By Kate Garland, Horticulture […]

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