The Maine Grass Farmers Network became a membership organization in January, 2008. Membership is $25 annually, and the membership year runs from January 1 through December. We realize that there are many organizations that want your support, and we know that in order for you to want to become a dues-paying member of the Maine Grass Farmers Network, there has to be some value to you for being a member.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Maine Grass Farmers Network newsletter
  • Participation in pasture walks, winter meetings, seminars
  • Discount off conference registration
  • Listing in pthe roduct directory
  • E-mail list
  • Technical support
  • Use of the organization’s equipment:

Gabe Clark writes, “through a Maine NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant, the MGFN has been able to purchase two pieces of equipment that will be available to members this spring:

  • A Kuhn Night 8110 side slinger manure spreader (depending on topography approximately a 50hp tractor needed to operate);
  • A Great Plains 605NT no-till drill (depending on topography approximately a 40hp tractor needed to operate).

For more information: e-mail Gabe Clark at or call 207.329.3800 or 207.628.4272