Water Lines

Illustration of a Quick Move watering system
Figure 2: Quick Move System. Source: Pasture Prophet, May 1992.

(Lesson 7. Livestock Water Supply continued)

In most cases a system of above ground water distribution lines along fences connected to portable watering tanks or tubs using quick-disconnect couplings will be the most economical and labor saving (See figure 2: Quick Move System). Water lines must be of sufficient size to supply water at high enough pressure and volume to keep the tank from being drunk dry and tipped over. Pipe size of 1 inch or greater is needed to move water 500 feet or more. To maintain water supply, it works best to use larger diameter tubing to transport water to the pasture and smaller diameter tubing to distribute water to the paddocks. A booster pump may be needed for long distances. Water lines should be black plastic to prevent algae growth. Vegetation will soon cover lines laid on top of the ground and keep the water cool. The water supply must be sufficient enough to keep the tub from being emptied. Once a tub is emptied, it can easily be pushed around and tipped over by the animals and not function properly.

Appendix A: List of watering system vendors

Appendix B: Approximate watering system component costs

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