Breakout Sessions and Presenter Bios

2023 All Organization Conference
Wednesday, November 8–Thursday, November 9, 2023
Wells Conference Center, University of Maine Campus, Orono, Maine

Full Group Presenters

In addition to Dean Hannah Carter and Associate Dean Jason Bolton’s presentations:

Keynote: Happiness 2.0: Cultivating Your Purpose
Anthony Burrow Ph.D., Ferris Family Associate Professor of Life Course Studies, Cornell University

“Having a sense of purpose can be a buffer against the challenges we all face at various stages of life. Purpose can also boost our health and longevity. In this favorite episode of the podcast Hidden Brain (Spotify) from 2021. Cornell University psychologist Anthony Burrow explains why purpose isn’t something to be found — it’s something we can develop from within.”

Roots to Routes: Understanding Communication, Conflict and Possible Pathways to Resolution
Lucy Wess, J.D., Maine Agricultural Mediation Program
Leslie Forstadt, Ph.D., Extension Professor in Human Development

This session will be an engaging and interactive presentation by Lucy Wess, Director of the Maine Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP) and Leslie Forstadt, Extension Professor in Human Development. We’ll explore the five conflict response styles developed through research by Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann. Conflict styles are connected to various traits in how we think about, approach, and respond to concern and conflict.

In the first part of this session, attendees will learn their own conflict styles and how the five styles may show up in other situations where there is concern or conflict happening. Conflict is often portrayed in a purely negative light, but healthy conflict can result in understanding, learning, and growth.

In the second part of this session, we’ll work through specific conflicts or concerns (voluntary sharing only!) in small groups and practice listening skills and helpful examples of things to say for talking with people who are experiencing concerns. Finally, we’ll make sure you leave with the knowledge to access and navigate the “Concern and Conflict Resolution” resources on the UMaine Extension Plugged-In website.

Culture of Preparedness
Bob Norman, Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management

Staying safe in a tumultuous world with the power of preparedness. This short talk will introduce the audience to the concept of “Left of Bang” and provide resources that can be applied in their everyday lives.

Breakout Session #1 – Wednesday, November 8, 2:30 – 3:20 p.m.

Communication Connections Workshop: “The Journey of a Photo”
Communications and Marketing Team

Strategic Partnerships & Commercialization
Renee Kelly, UMaine Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Innovation and Engagement

The Office of Strategic Partnerships, Innovation, Resources, and Engagement (SPIRE) is focused on fulfilling the university’s service mission through a strong emphasis on strategic partnerships and corporate and community engagement. We grow partnerships to help companies recruit student talent, develop their workforce, and tap into UMaine’s R&D expertise. Last fiscal year, we partnered with more than 250 companies from around the world on innovation and product development. We also support faculty, staff, and student innovators in translating their innovations into impact. Come learn how SPIRE can help you develop your innovations and partnerships.

Working With Youth: It’s All About Relationships
Greg Kranich, 4-H Science Youth Development Professional
Kristy Ouellette, Ph.D., Extension Professor; 4-H Youth Development

Who had a positive influence on your development? A positive relationship with a caring adult is the most important component of a youth program. In this workshop, participants will engage in a fun, hands-on activity to reflect on what it means to be a caring adult, explore critical elements of developmental relationships, and identify ways they can create intentional and inclusive relationships with youth audiences.

Breakout Session #2 – Wednesday, November 8, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Crash Course: Creating Community Programs
Mari Glatter, Instructional Designer

Buckle up for a fast, fun, and interactive hour looking at how to build programs for your learners. Using instructional design, cognitive science, adult and youth learning theories, evaluation, and integrated technology may sound intimidating but you can master some basics in just 60 minutes! Bring a phone or tablet and a bit of competitive spirit.

Take the Mystery Out of Recruiting Executive Committee Members
Jen Lobley, Extension Educator, Volunteer Development

Recruiting new members for your county executive committee shouldn’t be just the responsibility of staff. Come to this session to learn about how Washington County approaches volunteer recruitment with their executive committee. Best practices such as the use of a role description, a proven recruitment method, and the importance of orientation will be highlighted. You’ll get to practice “making the ask” and leave with some tips and tricks to assist you with your executive committee recruitment.

Wellness and Mindfulness
Leslie Forstadt, Ph.D., Extension Professor in Human Development

This session will provide a brief overview of the importance and benefits of mindfulness in our personal and professional lives. Participants will be led through a variety of active mindfulness techniques for the majority of this session.