Procedures for Review of Extension Professional Promotion Packets

Promotion packets are confidential documents and should be treated as such. Packet evaluations should not be discussed beyond EPPRC.

  1. Meet to discuss the review process and evaluation criteria and create a shared understanding among current EPPRC members.
  2. Each member reviews each packet and completes an evaluation. Plan on this taking one to two (1 – 2) hours per packet.
  3. Meet to compare evaluations, and consolidate evaluation comments into one Word document (easiest to do this during conversation while all members present).
  4. Discuss points for letters, general format of letters. Assign responsibility for writing letters to communicate EPPRC’s recommendation to the Extension Director.
  5. Each EPPRC member has to read and sign each letter.
  6. Please provide feedback to EPC about the process for continued improvement.