Web Policies Regarding Recognition of Donations and Corporate Sponsorships

When recognizing donations and sponsorship of our programs, we conform to UMaine’s online advertising policies.

Note: “Sponsorship” is defined as the use of the corporate symbol with no hyperlink, but with limited text that identifies the company or entity as a sponsor. Example of limited text that identifies the company or entity as a sponsor: “This program was made possible in part by XYZ Corporation.”

“Advertising” includes the use of a corporate symbol and/or tagline or product graphic with a hyperlink to that entity. The University of Maine will not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco or political campaigns. Acceptance of all other advertising is left to the discretion of the administration of the institution. Allow at least one week for review.

In addition: Include a disclaimer that specifies the impartiality of our program content: “Brand names and trade names are included to show sponsorship or for educational purposes. No endorsement is implied nor is discrimination intended against similar products or services.”

We also sometimes post lists of product vendors for educational purposes (example: Sources of Aronia Plants), even when they have not donated to or partnered with Extension.