Section 4.3 Annual Plan of Work

A state Plan of Work is required to receive federal funds. When accepted at the federal level, the plan constitutes a contract, making possible the funding of the federal share of University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s operating budget as prescribed in Federal legislation.

Unit Plans of Work are developed by individuals or staff groups in consultation with coworkers, advisory committees, and supervisors. The specific format specified may vary, in keeping with changing federal requirements, but is typically based on the logic model format. Faculty and professionals are expected to submit data as to planned allocation of days and the planned allocation of paraprofessional staff years assigned to the unit. Narrative statements are required, describing changes in allocations within and among program areas, and the possible impact of such changes upon underserved and underrepresented groups. New instructions and necessary forms are issued periodically.

County Extension associations, through their executive committees, act in an advisory capacity and should be involved in the development of Plans of Work.

Planned activities for meeting civil rights/equal employment opportunity requirements are an integral part of the Plan of Work. The civil rights/equal employment opportunity/ADA section of the Plan of Work comprises narrative and statistical information on targeted clientele and specific planned efforts in achieving objectives.