Section 4.8 Use of Media

University of Maine Cooperative Extension staff are encouraged to participate in and conduct radio and television programs as part of their educational role. Besides the use of public service announcements, UMaine Extension frequently uses sponsored radio and television programming. However, because we are supported by public funds and provide educational activities that require objectivity and neutrality regarding commercial products and services, the following policies must apply to Extension-sponsored programming:

  1. Commercially sponsored programs are permitted.
  2. Extension staff members may in no way be associated with any commercially advertised product, either by inference or by direct association. Extension may not be tied to a given commercial. In television programming, standard breaks must be observed in order to distinguish between Extension programming and commercial messages. Extension staff may not refer to a commercial company by name.
  3. In order to assure fairness and uniformity, sponsored radio and television programs must present commercial messages that are mutually agreeable to Extension and to the stations involved.
  4. Extension reserves the right to withdraw from any radio or television program series from which justifiable public criticism arises.

Extension administrators will discuss these policies with station managers or program directors as required or desired, and will assist in the process of determining satisfactory formats.