Blueberry Cove Overnight, ages 8-14

Right by the water in Tenants Harbor, Blueberry Cove is a beautiful coastal setting for summer camp providing swimming beaches, tide flats, forests, meadows, gardens, and a harbor and islands to explore. Blueberry Cove camp has provided opportunities to live, laugh, learn, and make friends since 1949.

At Blueberry Cove, overnight campers will spend 1 or 2 weeks immersing themselves in fun and educational activities focused on building a connection to the natural world, community building, outdoor living skills, watercraft, farm, and food systems, and the arts.


Two Week Overnight Camps

This program is for the camper who feels one week of camp is just not enough.  For 2-week sessions sailing is an option and the weekend provides time for a grand adventure canoe trip to an island quarry or a remote beach! 

Ages: 10-14            Cost: $1500        FAQ & Packing List

Program Dates: (both sessions end on the 2nd Thursday!)

Weeks 3-4: July 7-18, 2024

Weeks 7-8: August 4-15, 2024

One Week Overnight Camps

Campers will experience the joy of summer by the sea and learn about community sustainability, coastal ecology, and the marine environment’s role in maintaining a sustainable planet. Campers will also enjoy opportunities for swimming, archery, recreation, and exploration during their time at camp.

Ages: 8-12       Cost: $725       FAQ &

 Packing List

Program Dates:

Week 1: June 23-28, 2024

Week 2: June 30-July 5, 2024

Week 5: July 21-26, 2024

Week 6: July 28-August 2, 2024