About Working at Blueberry Cove’s Summer Camp

In a typical summer

Summer Staff Posing with their Shelter

20-30 people make up Blueberry Cove’s summer staff team. They join together to create unforgettable summer experiences for campers. We strive to create an inclusive environment where campers and staff have opportunities to learn and grow outdoors. The staff serves as positive role models for youth. They have a great responsibility to care for the physical and emotional health of the campers. Summer camp work is an intense and rewarding job! Potential staff should love working with youth and being part of a community.

Blueberry Cove has three main program areas: Overnight Camp, Day Camp, and Trips and Leadership. Kitchen staff, health care providers, and maintenance staff round out our team. Everyone works together to maintain the camp, support each other, and keep the summer flowing smoothly. 

Roles Making Up the Team

Overnight Camp

8-10 staff make up the overnight team. Overnight staff lives in cabins with a co-leader and up to 12 campers. Staff are responsible for co-teaching morning focus, leading afternoon electives, and helping run evening programming. Morning focus program options generally fall into these categories: farm and garden, outdoor skills, marine ecology, and sustainable arts. Being part of the overnight team involves a willingness to have fun, be a little silly, and provide empathetic support to campers. 

Day Camp

Our 8-10 member day camp team are the seed planters for the future generations of caring citizens on the Earth. Day campers follow a similar flow to the overnight camp with mornings for in-depth explorations and afternoons for more relaxed free time and free-play activities. Day camp counselors are also responsible for greeting and communicating with families throughout the week. Working in Day Camp requires patience, enthusiasm, and a willingness to play!

Trips and Leadership

Leadership and trip staff work with our oldest campers and serve as mentors to our future counselors. Camp schedules flow between in-camp living and off-site on wilderness trips. Leadership and trips staff are responsible for teaching wilderness skills and leadership development. 

Who We Hire

Blueberry Cove aims to hire staff with a passion for working with kids, enthusiasm for being outdoors, and an interest in bettering themselves as educators and role models. We look for people who will be positive community members and kind caregivers.

Two summer camp staff


Some of our staff were once campers at Blueberry Cove though many are here for the first time as adults. We value diversity and encourage staff to share their unique skills, interests, and backgrounds.

What is it Like to Work at Blueberry Cove?

Days at Blueberry Cove are long and rewarding, though, at the end of your summer, it will feel as though it flew by! We spend most of the day outside, rain or shine. Be prepared to work i

n various conditions and temperatures, and spend a good portion of the day being active and engaged. Staff, as well as campers, are expected to unplug for the summer in order to focus on building in-person relationships and a love of the outdoors. As such, phones are allowed for use during programming.

Staff live, work and play together aspart of an intentional community. We encourage team members to try new things and step up as leaders within the community. Staff will set goals, reflect on their performance, and strive to be the best role models possible. It is important to note that everyone will work most evenings and some weekends (do not worry, we will schedule plenty of time off for recuperation and socialization).

Should I work at Blueberry Cove?

Staff Dressed Up For Western Week

Great question! Do you…

  • Enjoy working with youth?
  • Love being outside?
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment?
  • Care about sustainability?
  • Love playing games, being silly and creative?
  • Feel you’re a positive role model for youth?
  • Want to make a career in education?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, Blueberry Cove might be a good fit for you! Please check out our hiring page or send us an email at extension.tanglewood4h@maine.edu with any questions.