About Working at Tanglewood’s Summer Camp

Our goal is to preserve the spirit of Tanglewood by keeping the most important aspects of life at camp. We will not stop:

staff dressed as elements of the Earth
Staff dress up as essential elements of the Earth
  • Learning by doing
  • Exploring nature
  • Practicing inclusivity, kindness, and respect
  • Being ourselves
  • Making friends
  • Having fun

In a typical year…

Tanglewood’s summer staff is made up of around 20-35 people from a variety of backgrounds, who come together to form a dynamic community and create an awesome summer experience for hundreds of children. All staff are educators, guides, caregivers, entertainers, musicians, ecologists, artists, mentors, athletes, and holders of “great mad skills.” In a nutshell, you are a positive adult role model for the youth we serve.

Tanglewood has four main summer programs: Day Camps, Overnight Camp, Trips and Teen Leadership Instructors, and Program Leaders. All programs and staff roles overlap together to make up one nested community. Other key positions are cooks and kitchen staff, health care, and administrative staff.

Roles Making Up the Team

Twelve to sixteen staff compose the overnight camp team who live in a cabin with a co-leader and 8 campers, aged 8-14. Overnight staff teach our morning focus programs or serve as support counselors and lead all traditional “campy” programs.

Leadership Instructors work in teams of two and lead two to three-week-long programs for teens which include time out of camp on wilderness trips and time in camp. The four leadership instructors teach hands-on wilderness skills and serve as mentors/shadow guides on 5-13 day trips where teen participants hold responsibility for their own leadership within the group.

A team of eight Day Camp staff run programs for Tanglewood’s youngest campers, planting the seeds of tomorrow’s great leaders! Day camp educators serve as lead teachers and generally have a background in early childhood development. Our day camp counselors serve in support capacities to lead activities, and games, and wrangle lost shoes and socks.

campers and staff gathered at camp music stage

Who We Hire

We look for staff who recognize the importance of being a good role model, are committed to educating about the earth and sustainable living, and who genuinely enjoy working with youth.

What is it Like to Work at Tanglewood?

All programs at Tanglewood require participants and staff to “disconnect” from digital devices to be truly present to programming and community needs. An important facet of leadership success is the development of true “social networks” among young people in real-time, to have peers with shared experiences they are able to connect with and find support outside of camp.

All staff live, work and play together as part of an intentional community of educators. Days are long and rewarding. We work in the sun, with bugs, in the rain, and under brilliant stars. Our campers come from diverse backgrounds and locations. The summer will fly by in a blink of an eye. People who were strangers at week one will be best friends by week nine.

Would you like to join our family?