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Volunteers collect onions for Maine Harvest for Hunger; photo by Edwin RemsbergUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension provides home gardeners with practical, how-to solutions based on university research.

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Become a citizen scientist and help research wild leeks (also known as ramps) in Maine!

wild leeks

Wild leeks: mature plants at left, with volunteer seedlings in foreground and right. Photo by David Fuller.

The Maine Wild Leek Project is a collaborative project between the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the Maine Natural Areas Program. The purpose of the project is to educate about wild leeks and to document the distribution of wild leeks in Maine as well as the relative size of given populations. This documentation will help the Maine Natural Areas Program expand their knowledge of wild leeks and improve opportunities for its conservation. Additionally, participants will get more information from UMaine Cooperative Extension on wild leeks in months to come, including the latest research efforts on the effects of harvesting and a fact sheet on establishing your own wild leek patch.

Please, consider participating in the Maine Wild Leek Project to help us better understand and conserve this species. Start by reading more about wild leeks in the April 2016 issue of Maine Home Garden News, then use our online form to report confidential information about any wild leeks you find. Please remember to respect landowner’s property: observe posted land and ask for permission to pass on un-posted land.

Thank you!

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