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Volunteers collect onions for Maine Harvest for Hunger; photo by Edwin RemsbergUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension provides home gardeners with practical, how-to solutions based on university research.

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July is the month to…

Snap off the scapes of your garlic plants. Tender young scapes make a great addition to stir-fries, and can be used as a substitute for chopped garlic bulbs in saut├ęs. They can be used alone or with other herbs in pesto. Scapes can also be used as cut flowers; a single garlic scape in a narrow vase presents a changing ornament, and a large bouquet of them can be breathtaking.

Watch your garlic for signs that it is ready to harvest toward the end of July. Check Bulletin #2063, Growing Hardneck Garlic in Your Maine Garden for more details.

For timely information throughout the gardening season, see Maine Home Garden News.