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Volunteers collect onions for Maine Harvest for Hunger; photo by Edwin RemsbergUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension provides home gardeners with practical, how-to solutions based on university research.

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For timely information throughout the gardening season, see Maine Home Garden News.

February is the month to…

  • chickadee eating breadcrumbs on deck railingMake sure your bird feeders are full. Even though we’ve had unseasonably warm weather this year, a nice steady supply of food for our feathered friends can really help them make it through the winter.
  • Give some love to your houseplants. Vigorous regrowth will start in the next couple of months after some much needed winter down time. It’s a great chance to repot any of your plants that have become root bound! Remember only to go up one size on the pot (something like a 1- to 2-inch increase in diameter of the container), or you can divide many plants and repot them in two containers. Asexual propagation of the plants you already have is the least expensive way to grow your home collection.
  • At the end of the month, you can try sowing some onions and leeks for planting out later. It’s normally best to wait just a little into March, but with the winter we’ve had thus far, maybe we’ll have an early spring! Don’t get carried away, though — keep holding on to those other seeds and fight the temptation to plant them all.

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