Farming Success is a Team Effort

Meet  Bill and Carol Hayes of Dilly Dally Farm. I interviewed them in March.

Bill Hayes and his wife, Carol, own Dilly Dally Farm in Plymouth, Maine and use organic practices to maintain five year-round production greenhouses. In addition, they plant four-and-a-half acres of mixed vegetables and raise broilers and turkeys for market.

Bill had surgery to amputate both legs below the knees feet in the summer of 2018. It took several months in a wheelchair to recover. “That was hard. When he was out of commission,” Carol said, “I couldn’t do nearly as much as I do now.”

Maine AgrAbility plays an important role

foot stepping onto tractor step
For Bill, this means he doesn’t have to lift his prosthetic leg as high to climb the steps, easing the stress on his shoulders.
tractor step
An additional step can be easily added to a piece of equipment.

When Bill got back to work on the farm, there were some things he couldn’t do. He contacted Maine AgrAbility for help.

AgrAbility staff asked, “What can we do to help you get back to your normal routine on the farm?” We assessed the equipment Bill needed to return to full employment and then connected him with Vocational Rehabilitation. VR has funding to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. Read the full story here.

“We are a team,” Carol said. “Maine AgrAbility got Billy back on his feet. Now he has all the tools he needs—it’s been tremendous.”