Raised Bed Gardening: First-person perspective from an occupational therapist

Woman and child in farm clothes kneeling in a fieldMy name is Ketra Crosson.  I am an Independent Living Specialist with Alpha One.  Alpha One is the non-profit disability-related partner with Maine AgrAbility. I am also an occupational therapist by training.  With Maine AgrAbility, I provide on-farm/worksite assessments.  I also provide technical assistance via my experience as an Independent Living Specialist/Occupational Therapist.

Working from home last year during COVID, I had the opportunity to try out a raised bed that was built for demonstration purposes by Maine AgrAbility’s lead investigator Richard Brzozowski.  See link for design information.

These blog posts served as a diary, as I experimented with a new growing method. I’ll share my hesitations, challenges, solutions, and successes through routine blog posts.

Join me!