Vision and Hearing Loss

Screen Shot of the Iris Network brochure: Vision with no limits.Vision Loss

The Iris Network is a community-based, state-wide, organization dedicated to serving people who are visually impaired or blind. The goal is independence and community integration. Registered 501 (c) (3).

Network resources: Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI).

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss among agricultural workers is a fact. While some attribute it to the aging process, among agricultural workers it is mostly caused by long term exposure to loud noises and acute exposure to loud noises that damage your ability to hear.

  • The AgrisSafe Network provides resources about hearing loss in agriculture and noise standards information.
  • Noise-induced hearing loss is a common and preventable injury for farmers, who are frequently exposed to excessive noise. Farming ranks among the top three occupations with the highest risk for hearing loss. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (PDF) from Arkansas AgrAbility.
  • As a farmer or rancher, you should understand the hand signals, and teach the hand signals to those involved in your operation. Agricultural Hand Signals (PDF)

If a hearing loss occurs, appropriate combinations of technology and on-farm work strategies may be employed to accommodate the hearing loss while continuing to farm. Contact us for specific ideas for your situation.

Network resource: Division for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Late Deafened (DoD)

Technical Articles

Plowshares are technical articles that have been published by the Breaking New Ground Resource Center.  Each report focuses on a specific topic on farming/ranching with a disability.  This report spotlights Farming with a Hearing Impairment (Issue 23) [PDF] and this is focused on Farming with a Visual Impairment (Issue 13) [PDF].

Fact sheets are also available from other state AgrAbility projects. From Ohio AgrAbility: Farming with a Visual Impairment, AEX-981.16-13