4.19.13 Mummy Berry is Getting Started Downeast and South

Plants are NOT susceptible until at least 40% of stems are at the F2 stage of flower development when the flowers look like crowns (see picture below).

Numerous mummy berry pinheads have been found on Thursday, April 18 and 19 in mummy berry plots in North Ellsworth,  Jonesboro and East Machias. Single pinheads have been found in Deblois and Township 19. With the cool weather expected this weekend, I am hoping mature cups will hold off and not appear until next week. If you have a mummy berry plot, please let me know what you are seeing.

Weather stations have been recently set up in Township 19, Jonesboro and East Machias.

Picture of developing flower buds. Flower buds are susceptible to the mummy berry fungus once they have separated enough to look like small crowns.If you wish to receive these posts via email please send your address to me at sannis@maine.edu and to Erin Wight at erin.wight@maine.edu, or 207.581.2892 to be added to the Blueberry Newsletter list.

– Seanna Annis