4.26.13 Mummy Berry Forecast for April 26

I apologize for the lateness of this forecast, I have had a bit of difficulty getting data gathered from the weather stations this first time this year.

In many areas, the plants are getting close or now have enough susceptible tissue to be concerned about infections by the mummy berry fungus.  Once your plants have more than 40% of their stems in F2 flowers stage (crowns) than you have enough exposed tissue that the fungus can damage your crop if it infects.

By April 25, mummy berry cups have been found in Appleton, Liberty, Pineo (near Deblois), Jonesboro, and East Machias.  Pinheads have been reported in Ellsworth, and through the barrens except in northern fields and Montegail pond, Rocky Pond and farther north.

The weather conditions are for dry, warm conditions in the next few days, so it is not likely we will have any infection by the mummy berry fungus in the next few days.  The only conditions to watch out for are long fogs overnight.  Under overnight temperatures averaging about 44º to 45ºF a fog for greater than nine hours may produce an infection period.

There were conditions that might have caused an infection in some places on Wednesday through Thursday, but again unless you had a very early field, you likely got very little or no infection.

If you have a VERY EARLY field near Sedgewick, Ellsworth, East Machias or somewhere else along the Downeast coast, you may have had an infection period during the rain from April 24 to April 25.  If you apply a fungicide before Sunday morning you would prevent the infection.

Any questions, please send me an email or call the blueberry hotline.

– Seanna Annis