5.22.2013 Botrytis Blossom Blight

If you have had Botrytis blossom blight in your field before, you may have conditions to have this disease occur this week. The Botrytis blossom blight can be identified by the black hairs that stick out of infected, dead blossoms.  Blossoms can also be killed by the Mummy berry fungus and frost.  Please see the previous post from Monday, May 20 for pictures of symptoms of these diseases.

I would only suggest applying fungicides for Botrytis blossom blight control if you are sure that is what has killed off your blossoms in the past or you have already seen this disease in your crop field this year. Please follow the recommendations on the Factsheet #219 – Disease Control Guide for Wild Blueberries for 2013.

As of 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 22 there were some monitored fields that had a high probability of Botrytis infection of blossoms this past week.  With the weather forecast predicting rain throughout the state until Sunday, I expect more possible blossom infection from Botrytis.

Weather station location Chance of Botrytis Blossom Blight infection
West Rockport High
Appleton High
Sedgwick High
Ellsworth low
Silsby Plains low
Deblois moderate
Montegail moderate
Rocky Pond low
East Machias low
Meddybemps low

If you have any questions please contact Seanna Annis via email at sannis@maine.edu or by phone 207.581.2621.