7.30.13 Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)

Trap captures of spotted wing drosophila continue to occur throughout the state. All blueberry growing regions have reports of SWD males and many fields have experienced multiple captures, indicating that reproduction is occurring and fruit infestation is taking place. But, let me be clear NOT ALL fields have captured SWD yet. On the other hand, we have started to find SWD larvae in fields, both in the coastal area and Downeast. Infestation levels are not high yet, but this confirms that SWD is now beginning to reproduce in blueberry fields. Therefore, It would be prudent to protect your crop as soon as possible if you have captured male SWD in your field. Keep the crop protected until harvest. See SWD fact sheet on the wild blueberry web page for more information on effective insecticides.

It is also sobering and informative that last week, Michigan found a sudden rise in captures of SWD adults in traps deployed in highbush blueberry fields. They are recommending growers to take action if they have been trapping SWD and for those not monitoring to start to do so.