8.4.13 Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)

As of last week, trap captures of spotted wing drosophila continue to occur throughout the state. There have only been a few fields at this point where multiple flies are being caught. Most fields either have had NO trap captures yet OR just one or two SWD. We have identified SWD larvae in fresh fruit from Coastal Maine, but fruit still appears to be free of larvae in the Downeast region. I suspect that SWD larvae might be appearing in more fields over the next few weeks. At this date, many larvae have been observed in fruit, but they have almost all been larvae of the blueberry fly (BMF).  The abundance of this pest is extremely high this year and can be very damaging. Please continue to monitor and protect your fruit if necessary from this pest.

Both larvae of SWD and BMF are a translucent white color. The BMF larvae are pointed in the front and very thick and blunt at the rear and so they resemble more of a cigarette that has one end twisted to a point. The SWD larvae are pointed at BOTH the front and the rear.

I will let everyone know when I start finding or hear about others finding SWD larvae Downeast.

NOTE:  SWD updates will only be made when we have trap captures. Please refer any questions, comments or concerns to Frank Drummond, 1.800.897.0757 or 581.2989, fdrummond@maine.edu or to Dave Yarborough, 1.800.897.0757 or 581.2923, davidy@maine.edu.