8.26.13 Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)

SWD trap captures continue to build throughout the state.  At the University of Maine Blueberry Hill Farm, we are now catching 10-30 flies/trap.  Traps in other areas Downeast are now capturing 30+ flies/trap.  These SWD continue to be mostly females; however, males appear to be making up a larger percentage than in previous weeks.  The increasing trap captures is evidence of fly reproduction and subsequent fruit attack. The proportion of fruit that has SWD larvae still appears to be very low; we have not yet detected any in fruit samples.

Please continue to monitor and protect your fruit if necessary from this pest. Also, it looks as if the early harvesting that has been taking place all over the state will certainly pay dividends this year if we can get much of the crop in before significant damage starts to be detected. Just remember that based upon last year’s monitoring, this pest can explode in numbers very quickly from just a few flies to hundreds/trap… so do not relax too much! This is especially true as we get close to September. Last year SWD trap captures by September were averaging 40-50 flies/trap!

NOTE:  Please refer any questions, comments or concerns to Frank Drummond, 1.800.897.0757 (Maine only) or 581.2989, fdrummond@maine.edu or to Dave Yarborough, 1.800.897.0757 or 581.2923, davidy@maine.edu.

SWD updates will only be sent out and posted on our blog when we have trap captures.