9.03.13 Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)

SWD trap captures in Washington County remained steady and similar to last week. At the University of Maine Blueberry Hill Farm, we continue to capture anywhere from one to thirty flies per trap; and the proportion of fruit that has SWD larvae appears to be very low (less than 1%) as we still have not detected any in our fruit samples.

The harvest is beginning to wind down in many areas; however, if you still have fruit to harvest you should continue to monitor for this pest and protect your fruit if necessary. This is especially true in the southern and mid-coast part of Maine. In these regions, fruit infestation is being found and individual trap captures range from 0-200 flies/trap with flies being caught in every field that is being monitored.

SWD captures were continuing to build in Michigan’s highbush blueberry fields last week. Most growers were getting very good control with the recommended insecticides, but some growers were suffering a breakdown and getting infested fruit with SWD… therefore, if you have not harvested and SWD captures are building, you should be conservative and protect your crop unless you can harvest it in the next few days.

We will continue to monitor traps and check for fruit infestation this week.

NOTE:  Please refer any questions, comments or concerns to Frank Drummond, 1.800.897.0757 (Maine only) or 207.581.2989, fdrummond@maine.edu or to Dave Yarborough, 1.800.897.0757 or 207.581.2923, davidy@maine.edu.

SWD updates will only be sent out and posted on our blog when we have trap captures.