4.27.14 Mummy Berry Season is Getting Close

With the warmer weather, flower buds are just starting to open up in the south and the mummy berry season is approaching.  If you have a mummy berry patch in Knox, Lincoln or Waldo counties, now is the time to start monitoring it.

Monitor your plants by checking the flower buds.  Once you have 40% or over of your flower buds at the F2 stage (crown stage) then you have enough plant tissue that an infection of the mummy berry fungus could be harmful.

I am looking for helpful growers to tell me how their plants are progressing and if they have a mummy berry patch, how that is doing as well.   If you do check your plants or mummy berry patch, please give me a call or send me an email on how they are progressing.

We have weather stations up in Dresden Mills, West Rockport, Appleton, and Belfast so far.  We hope to have the rest in place in the next two weeks.

If you wish to receive these posts via email and are not currently doing so, please send your address to me at sannis@maine.edu.

Seanna Annis, 1.800.897.0757 (Maine only) or 207.581.2621.