9.03.14 SWD Update from Frank Drummond

A few days ago (the end of August) we started to have a slight surge in SWD trap captures throughout the Downeast area. Average male trap captures ranged from nine to eleven per trap and total SWD ranged from 19 to 31 per trap. We also STARTED to find infested fruit. The percent infestation, where present, is very low, less than 0.25%. Therefore, fruit damage will only increase at this point. Expect both SWD trap captures to continue to rise and larval infested fruit to increase if the crop is not protected with an insecticide. Please check our recommendations and processor recommendations for the appropriate choice in insecticides. An early harvest is still a good option for avoiding SWD damage and immediate insecticide applications, especially for those fields in the extreme eastern part of Downeast, Maine.

Please contact David Yarborough at davidy@maine.edu or Frank Drummond at fdrummond@maine.edu if you any questions and/or concerns.