5.08.15 Mummy Berry Forecast for May 8

There have been no infection periods in the last few days reported at the weather stations.  While there has been fog reported in some fields over the last few nights, temperatures have been too low and the fog was not long enough for an infection period to occur.

Mummy berry cups and pinheads are still being reported in blueberry growing areas, and most fields have more than 40% of their flower buds at or past the F2 stage.  Please check the plants in your own field.  I expect the cups to continue to produce through next week.  There will be both susceptible plants and the fungus present in most fields.

There are likely to be infection periods through much of the blueberry growing areas with the wet weather forecast to be starting on Sunday, May 10 and continuing through Wednesday, May 13.

I will report on any infection periods that do occur.  Please contact me and let me know how your mummy berry plot is looking.

Thank you, Seanna Annis