5.13.15 No Mummy Berry Infection Periods Overnight, May 13 to May 14

Hancock and Washington Counties

There were not long enough wet periods for mummy berry infection to have occurred from Tuesday, May 23 night to Wednesday, May 14 morning. There were infection periods in most areas starting on Saturday, May 9 night and another starting Monday, May 11 night, and in some fields starting on Sunday, May 10 night.   The next wet periods, besides fog, are not expected to late in the weekend at the earliest.

I would like to hear from people with mummy berry plots, particularly to see if the cups are finishing up.  I would also like to hear when your fields start to be in bloom so I can give you the information of the risk of Botrytis infection.

Contact Seanna Annis: sannis@maine.edu or the Blueberry Hotline 800.897.0757 (in Maine).

Thank you, Seanna