5.13.15 Mummy Berry Cups and Pinheads Still Present, Frost Overnight, May 13 to May 14

Hancock and Washington Counties

Mature cups producing spores and pinheads are still being reported in areas around these counties.  In some fields, the cups and pinheads appear to have dried up in the mummy berry plots, but I suspect there are still cups present in other areas of the field considering how widespread reports of cups still are.  There is a chance of rain showers forecast for Saturday, May 14 through Sunday, May 15th.  These rain showers may provide another infection period for the mummy berry fungus.

Frost Conditions in Blueberry Areas

Frost conditions were reported at weather stations in some fields overnight from Wednesday, May 13 to Thursday, May 14.

Lee Beers, a Ph.D. student studying cold tolerance in blueberries, has found open blueberry flowers will have minor damage from 28ºF to 24ºF and temperatures below 24ºF will kill many flowers.

Location 2015 Frost overnight, the lowest temperature recorded
Dresden Mills none
West Rockport none
Appleton 30.6ºF
Belfast 29.5ºF
Ellsworth 30ºF
Eastbrook/Waltham 28ºF
Aurora none
Deblois 22ºF
Columbia none
East Machias/Whiting none
Wesley none
Love Lake 29.5ºF