5.19.15 Mummy Berry Infection Report for May 19

Hancock and Washington Counties

Localized rain has produced a mummy berry infection period overnight at our weather stations in Eastbrook, Aurora, and Deblois.  Other locations did not have infection periods overnight.  I suspect the rain forecast for today will produce infection periods in other fields today.

If you have applied fungicides after May 9 to May 12 (ten to seven days before this infection period), your plants were probably protected through this last infection period.  If you have not applied fungicides, you have up to 72 hours after the infection period start, which is the evening of Wednesday, May 21, to apply fungicides with kickback activity (fenbuconazole or propiconazole) to protect your plants.

Location 2015 Infection period starting overnight Monday, May 18 to Tuesday, May 19 Fungal Development Monday, May 18
Dresden Mills none none
West Rockport none none
Appleton none none
Belfast none N/A
Ellsworth none dried up cups / may still have other cups
Eastbrook/Waltham YES, 10:00 p.m. ?
Aurora borderline, as of 9:00 a.m., one more hour of rain needed N/A
Deblois YES 9:00 p.m. mature cups and pinheads
Columbia none cups
East Machias none maybe one mature cup
Wesley none dried up / may still have other cups
Love Lake/Crawford none dried up cups / may still have other cups