5.31.17 Botrytis risk, May 31 to June 1

Mummy Berry

Mummy berry symptoms are still appearing in many fields.  IF you have both dead leaves and flowers and see the grey masses of spores at the base of the flowers and leaves you have mummy berry.


I have not heard of any Botrytis reported yet this year. Symptoms include dead flowers with black hairs sticking out from them. If Botrytis was already present in a field, there was some risk of it spreading and infecting new tissue with the rain overnight from Wednesday, May 31 to Thursday, June 1. If you are near the end of bloom, I do not think it is cost-effective to apply fungicides.  If you still have a lot of bloom to come AND  you have seen Botrytis in your field, you may want to consider fungicide protection. The materials are not curative but act as protectants.  If you apply fungicides, do so when the bees will not be in the field to protect your pollination.

Location Risk of Botrytis infection during last rain period,
Wednesday, May 31 to Thursday, June 1
Waldoboro low
W. Rockport low
Appleton low
Searsport low
Ellsworth high
Eastbrook low
Sedgwick high
Aurora low
Deblois high
Spring Pond high
Jonesboro high
East Machias high
Crawford (Love Lake) moderate

Please see the 2018 fungicide recommendations on the Fact Sheet 219 – Disease Control Guide for Wild Blueberries and the most current Maine Wild Blueberry Pesticide Chart (Fungicides) (PDF).

– Seanna Annis