4.19.18 Mummy Berry Season is Starting: WARNING on Propiconazole

Mummy berry season is starting. We have found pinheads in a Waldoboro field.  Some flowers buds were starting to swell.  With the warmer weather, the plants and fungus will be starting to move along. We have started to put up weather stations and hope to have all of our stations in the midcoast area set up by Monday.

Propiconazole may no longer be acceptable with some blueberry processors or buyer. This is due to possible future changes in the acceptance of propiconazole in foreign markets.

Please check with your processor or buyer before applying any fungicide to your crop.  

We have found the following materials also work well in controlling mummy berry:  Indar (fenbuconazole), Fontelis (penthiopyrad), Luna Tranquility (fluopyram and pyrimethanil), Pristine (pyraclostrobin and boscalid), Proline (prothioconazole), and Quash (metconazole).    Some of these materials also may NOT be acceptable to your processor; please check.

– Seanna Annis