4.24.18 Mummy Berry Season is Starting

We have found apothecia (cups) in the Waldoboro field with a weather station. The plant flower buds were just starting and so they were not at 30 to 40% F2.  I do not think there is likely to be an infection period with the rain forecasted for Wednesday, April 25 to Thursday, April 26 this week.  I do think the plants will be developing quickly with this warm weather and it is probable we will have some fields with susceptible plants by the rain forecasted for this weekend.

Please check your mummy berry plots and your plants and let me know what you find.  I can be reached at 207.581.2621 (office), at the Blueberry Hotline of 1.800.897.0757 extension 3, or you can email me at sannis@maine.edu.

Thank you,

Seanna Annis