5.05.18 Mummy Berry Season Probably Over for 2018

The last reports I had of new cups and pinheads was last Tuesday in Whiting/East Machias and most places reported no new pinheads or drying up cups later in the week through the barrens.  I think with the warm weather we have had after the weekend we are probably finished with mummy berry infection this year.

You will start to see disease symptoms of dead tissues with gray powdery spore masses on some of your leaves and flowers, but hopefully not much. Remember both flowers and leaves are killed with mummy berry.  The other major killer of flowers is Botrytis this time of year.  Botrytis is identifiable by its black “hairs” with gray spores at the tips of the hairs.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Seanna Annis, sannis@maine.edu or the blueberry hotline in Maine at 1.800.897.0757, Ext. 3.