4.24.19 Mummy Berry Season is Starting for 2019

We have reports of pinheads to small apothecia (cups) of the Monilinia fungus in Waldoboro, West Rockport and Ellsworth.  The plants are getting very close too and likely will be at the susceptible stage of 30 to 40%  F2 (crown stage) flower buds very soon.  There is rain forecast for Friday, and this may cause an infection period of the fungus in some fields where the plants are open enough.  Please check your plants to determine if they are susceptible.  Flower buds that are at F2 or later stages of development are susceptible.  Once you have approximately 30 to 40% of your flower buds at F2 or beyond, the field has enough susceptible tissue that damaging infection could occur.   Look at stems across your field to get an estimate of your field.  The best way to check your plants is to collect 20 random stems across the field and count the number of flower buds at each stage.

I do not have very many people reporting to me about their mummy berry plots.  If you have one, please check your mummy berry plots and your plants and let me know what you find.  I can be reached at 207.581.2621 (office), at the Blueberry Hotline of 1.800.897.0757 extension 3, or you can email me at sannis@maine.edu.

Thank you,

Seanna Annis


Blueberry stems showing flower buds at F1 stage, swollen but bud scales are still separating
Blueberry stems showing flower buds at F2 (top) and F1 (bottom).
Blueberry flower buds showing F3 on top and F2 at lower buds, leaf buds at V2