4.26.19 Possible Infection period in Midcoast region, April 26 to April 27

Midcoast area

Monilinia cups (apothecia) have been reported in Waldoboro, and Appleton areas. There have been conditions for an infection period from Friday April 26th to Saturday April 27th with this wet weather continuing today.  Whether an infection period occurred in your field will be determined by the stage of your plants.  If they are at 30 to 40% F2 (crown stage) then there is a chance for infection.

Hancock county is getting close.  Plants are probably not ready yet but Monilinia cups have been seen in Ellsworth.

Field Mummy berry infection risk Start time of wet period, April 26th  Apothecia
Waldoboro Yes, plants? 5:40pm yes
West Rockport Yes, plants? 10:40am ?
Appleton/Hope Yes, plants? 6:50pm cups
Searsport No ?
N. Ellsworth Yes, plants probably not ready 6pm cups
Aurora Yes plants probably not ready 2:30pm ?
Eastbrook Yes, plants not ready? 6:10pm ?

If you have not applied a fungicide and want to apply a fungicide with some kickback activity, you have approximately 72 hours from the start of the infection period to do so.  It looks like there will be good weather next week to apply protective applications before the next forecast of rain on Friday.

The following fungicides and organic materials are  recommended for mummy berry and other disease control.  Link to 219- Disease control for 2019

If you have a mummy berry plot, please let me know how it is doing.  I can be reached at 207.581.2621 (office), at the Blueberry Hotline of 1.800.897.0757 extension 3, or you can email me at sannis@maine.edu.

Seanna Annis