5.01.19 Possible Future Mummy Berry Infection, Later this Week – May 1


I have reports of Monilinia apothecia (cups) in Waldoboro, Liberty, Appleton and Searsport.  Plants are reported to be in many fields at 40% F2 or more.

Downeast- Hancock and Washington county

I have reports of apothecia in Ellsworth, Jonesboro, Whiting and Crawford.   Plants are more variable with buds at BBHF in Jonesboro at 50% F2 yesterday (April 30) and other reporting lower percentages of F2 flowers.   Please check your plants to see what stage they are at.

Wet weather is forecast for later this week and is likely to produce an infection period.  If your plants are at 30 to 40% F2 than they are going to be susceptible to Monilinia.   I suggest checking with your processor if you sell to one, before applying any fungicides.  If  you are using protective materials, they should be applied so that they dry on the plants before rain occurs.

Please let me know how your plants and mummy berry plots are doing.  You can reach me at sannis@maine.edu or on the blueberry hotline at 1-800-897-0757 option 3.

Seanna Annis