5.01.19 Mummy Berry Infection periods Overnight, May 1 to May 2

There were infection periods across blueberry growing regions in Midcoast and Downeast overnight.  Most growers with mummy berry plots in these regions have reported cups in their fields.   Many have reported their plants are at 30 to 40% F2, but some fields were not at that stage yet.  Please check your plants.

If you have applied a fungicide in the past 7 days before May 1st (April 24th on) your field would have been protected during this infection period.  You have approximately 48 to 72 hours from the start of the infection period to apply fungicides with some kickback activity (propiconazole or fenbuconazole) to protect your plants.  If you could apply one of these fungicides by the evening of May 3rd to May 4th, you will get some protection from infection.

Field Mummy berry infection risk Start time of wet period, May 1 Apothecia
Waldoboro Yes 11:30pm yes
West Rockport Yes 11pm ?
Appleton/ Hope Yes 11:20pm yes
Searsport chance, less than 1 hr needed, Leaf wetness sensor acting up 10:30pm yes
Ellsworth Yes 8pm yes
Aurora NO ?
Eastbrook chance, less than 1 hr needed 10:10pm no plot
Deblois NO yes
Columbia NO yes
Montegail chance <1hr needed 11:20pm yes
Crawford NO yes
East Machias no weather station yet yes