5.16.19 Another Mummy Berry Infection May 15 to May 16

Hancock and Washington counties 

There was another infection period from May 15 to May 16 in some areas. It depended upon the local temperatures and rain fall length which varied across the region. Please take account of those conditions in your field. Please let me know what your mummy berry plots are doing in these areas later in the week.

If you have applied a fungicide in the past 7 days before May 15 (May 8 or later) your field would have been protected during this infection period. You have approximately 48 to 72 hours from the start of the infection period to apply fungicides with some kickback activity (propiconazole or fenbuconazole) to protect your plants.

Field Start time of infection period, Wed. May 15 Monilina apothecia
Ellsworth 3pm pinheads/ cups
Bluehill none, frost 2 hr no plot
Aurora 1:50pm ?
Eastbrook 2:30pm pinheads/ cups
Deblois none, too cold pinheads/ cups
Columbia 2:20pm pinheads/ cups
Montegail none pinheads/ cups
BBHF, Jonesboro none pinheads/ cups
East Machias 7:30pm pinheads/ cups
Crawford none pinheads/ cups
Cooper 7:40pm no plot