5.18.19 Mummy Berry Infection period in Some Fields, May 17 to May 18

Hancock and Washington counties

Cups are drying up and dying in mummy berry plots in many fields. There are still reports of cups in some fields. I have found that when cups are starting to die off in mummy berry plots, there may still be some later cups produced but it is the last few. If you have a later developing field or a wet field you may still have cups in your field.  Rain is forecast for Sunday so there maybe another infection period this weekend.

If you have applied a fungicide in the past 7 days before May 17 (May 10 or later) your field would have been protected during this infection period. You have approximately 48 to 72 hours from the start of the infection period to apply fungicides with some kickback activity (propiconazole or fenbuconazole) to protect your plants.

Field Start time of infection period, Friday  May 17 Monilina apothecia
Ellsworth 9:20am drying up
Bluehill 9:30am no plot
Aurora 4:30pm ?
Eastbrook 9:20pm ?
Deblois 12:20pm ?
Columbia 5:10pm drying up
Montegail 4:20pm drying up
BBHF, Jonesboro 4pm drying up
Whiting/ East Machias 10:30am 2 cups
Crawford 7:40pm drying up
Cooper 4:40pm no plot