5.27.19 Botrytis Risk May 23 to May 27

Botrytis is a fungus that varies each year in its presence in a field.  You need to have infection in early blooming clones or other plants in your field to provide the spores to spread the infection.  If you do NOT have  symptoms (dead flowers/leaves WITH black hairs), then no matter how wet the weather you are not going to get enough Botrytis to be a problem.  Other plants to look at for symptoms are dying red sorrel leaves or flowers on other plants.  Remember dead flowers on blueberry also occur with mummy berry infections which will be showing up at this time.

Below is the risk of Botrytis infection to use as a guide to look for infection in your fields.   Most fields have minimal to low risk of infection at this point.  If there are no blooming clones in your field, the risk is very low. Please check your field for bloom.  I do NOT know the status of bloom for fields with weather stations.

Field Possible risk for Botrytis rain ending May 24 Possible risk for Botrytis, rain ending May 27
Waldoboro minimal minimal
West Rockport low minimal
Appleton/ Hope minimal moderate
Searsport station down station down
Ellsworth low minimal
Bluehill low minimal
Aurora low minimal
Eastbrook moderate none
Deblois low none
Columbia low minimal
Montegail low minimal
BBHF, Jonesboro low station down
East Machias minimal minimal
Crawford low minimal
Cooper minimal high