6.04.19 Frost Event Downeast, Morning of June 4


The weather station in Deblois recorded a frost (temperatures below 32F) for two hours in the early morning of Tuesday  June 4th.   Other weather stations in Bluehill, Columbia, Whiting/East Machias and Cooper reported temperatures below 40F but not frost. There still may have been frost in other fields in these areas, particularly in low lying areas or with wind chill.  Please see table below to see which areas had recorded frost conditions.

Field Frost in morning of June 4
Ellsworth lowest temp 41F
Bluehill  lowest temp 36F
Aurora lowest temp 42F​
Eastbrook lowest temp 42F
Deblois FROST, below 32F for  2hr, 2:30am to 4:30am
Columbia lowest temp 37F
Montegail lowest temp 48F
BBHF, Jonesboro lowest temp 40F
Whiting/East Machias lowest temp 36F
Crawford lowest temp 48F
Cooper maybe,  lowest temp 33F