5.10.20 Possible mummy berry infection period and cold temperatures May 8 to 10th

All weather stations experienced wet conditions and cold temperatures from May 8th to May 10th.  Following our disease estimates, some fields may have experienced conditions that caused Monilinia infection.  I do not know if infection can occur with snow on the plants.  However, there is a good chance there was infection even with the cold temperatures considering how long the leaf wetness occurred in many areas.   Previous research has shown that cold temperatures, approximately 32F and below, can make the infections that do occur cause increased damage.   In many fields, cold temperatures occurred during the wetness on the plants and in some fields on the night of May 9th to 10th too.  The table below shows which weather station locations had possible infection periods, according to our disease estimates, and the periods of cold temperatures seen over this weekend.

It looks like we will be getting more wet weather on Monday through Tuesday which may cause more Monilinia infections. If there is cold  damage to the plants, that may also increase damage from Monilinia infections occurring Monday.

If you had applied fungicides approximately 7 days before, May 1st or later, then your plants were probably protected over this weekend.

Location May 8 to May 9     Possible Infection period start time with Cold temperatures (around 32F or below) May 9 to 10, Cold temperatures (around 32F or below)
Brunswick May 8, 7pm  with 1hr cold 2.5hr
Waldoboro May 8, 5pm, with 30 min cold 20min
West Rockport May 8, 11:10pm, with 2.5hr cold
Hope/Appleton May 8, 11:20pm, with 4.5 hr cold 4hr
Searsport not working
Bluehill May 9, 11am at least 30 min
Ellsworth/Hancock too cold, approx. 9 hr cold at least 30 min
Aurora too cold, approx. 24hr cold
Eastbrook too cold, approx. 3hr cold
Gouldsboro May 9, 1:10am with 20 min cold
Deblois/Airport too cold, approx. 14hr cold
Montegail May 9, 1:50am, 17hr cold
Jonesboro May 9, 1:30am 3.5 hr
Whiting May 9, 2:10am 17 hr cold
Crawford/Love Lake May 9, 2am with 24 hr cold