5.12.20 Mummy berry infections from May 11th to May 12th

There were weather conditions for Monilinia infections for all weather station locations last night.  I suspect there are still mummy berry cups in most fields considering the cold, wet conditions in the past week.  Please let me know what your mummy berry plots look like before Thursday night, when there is a forecast for more rain, so I can tell whether your area is still likely to get Monilinia infections.

If you have applied fungicide after May 4th, your field was protected during this infection period.  If you have not applied fungicides,  you can apply propiconazole or fenbuconazole before May 14th evening, you are likely to decrease the infection in your field.

Please check with your processor before applying fungicides and follow the fungicide recommendations for 2020.  You can find the “Disease Management Chart 2020” on this website https://extension.umaine.edu/blueberries/factsheets/disease-2/

Location Mummy berry infection May 11th to 12th
Brunswick 6:10pm
Waldoboro 6:20pm
West Rockport 7pm
Hope/Appleton 7:20pm
Searsport yes, station not working
Bluehill 8:30pm
Ellsworth/Hancock 8:50pm
Aurora 9:40pm
Eastbrook 9:20pm
Gouldsboro 9:10pm
Deblois/Airport 10:10pm
Montegail 11:40pm
Jonesboro 10:15pm
Whiting 11:30pm
Crawford/Love Lake midnight