Possible Mummy berry infection April 21 to 22nd, 2021

Midcoast and Hancock

There was a possible Monilinia infection period from the evening of  Tuesday April 20th or 21st through to the morning of April 22nd.  This would only occur in earlier fields where the plants were at 30 to 40% F2 or farther along and also had mummy berry cups present.  Most reports from growers were their fields were close to that stage or not there yet.   The cold weather we had from Thursday April 22nd to  Friday April 23rd did not result in any infection periods.  There have been mummy berry pinheads found in many fields on Tuesday and Wednesday and one cup in Steuben and West Rockport.  I expect that cups will be developing in more fields with the precipitation we just had and the warm conditions forecast for the next few days.

The forecast of rain on Sunday April 25th through Sunday night will likely produce an infection in many fields in the Midcoast and Hancock regions and may be earlier fields in Washington county.  Please let me know what your mummy berry plots and plants are doing.

Location Start time of possible infection period Mummy berry plot
Waldoboro 4/21 about 4:50pm nothing seen yet
West Rockport 4/21 about 5pm cup
Hope/Appleton no nothing seen yet
Searsport 4/21 about 5pm pinheads
Ellsworth/ Hancock 4/21 about 4pm not yet?
Eastbrook 4/20 at 9pm not yet
Steuben 4/21 about 3:30pm cup and pinheads